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Water disinfection with low pressure UVc

A challenge that almost every grower faces is to produce food safely and reliably, at affordable prices. A cost-effective method that can help growers achieve this goal is to recycle their drain water (this is the irrigation water that hasn't been absorbed by the plants). Most drain water still contains expensive fertilizers that can be reused to save costs. It is vital, however, that the water is treated beforehand to neutralize any pathogens. Our HortiMaX Vitalite disinfection unit does so effectively and efficiently.

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New CX Assistant safer and easier to use

Along with the release of CX500 Firmware version, a new version of our CX Assistant software was launched this week. The updated CX Assistant software, version, includes a host of new features and enhancements. These improvements are designed to make the configuration process easier and faster.

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